The journey started in 1990 when our founder Mr. Bharat Kantilal Mehta started his career in the industry under the mentorship of Mr. Kirit Doshi. After dedicating years into the trade, learning from the industry leaders and experts it was time for a new endeavour.

This led to the start of a private business in 1995 dealing in drums and bags by the name of Bharat Kantilal Mehta later branded as BKM Solvents.

Consistent hard work, dedication and determination coupled with integrity, versatility and vision for success the company has scaled new heights. Starting from the modest trade of drums and bags leading to Tankers and associating with the market leaders and being recognized by the largest importers.

Its been a beautiful journey of 25 years strongly emphasizing on credibility, honesty, accountability and customer satisfaction.

Evolution is key to success and with that thought in mind we intend to start a new venture Chemical Exchange.

Chemical Exchange is committed to simplifying the complex realm of synthetic compounds and help you trade your chemical products in a digital environment. With this new venture we look forward to welcome you to a new environment and assist you with your deals.


We believe in our core values which has helped us grow over 25 years in the industry and while we retain those values, we look forward to taking the leap to a brighter and smarter future by embracing digitalization.


Chemical Exchange has been created for you to buy and sell your chemical products. At Chemical Exchange we are constantly looking for buyers, sellers and traders to be an active part of the digital world ensuring smoother transactions, quicker deals, trade insights and ease of business.


Chemical Exchange is a platform to naturally connect and contribute where we believe in distributing quality, the quality that matters. We are committed to value, committed to you; where customer confidentiality and satisfaction are the priority.


Buying and Selling of Chemicals. Domestic and International prices. Product specific historic data. Current Market Insights with the latest updates. Market Trends. Futuristic forecasts. Trade Recommendations.



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