I don't know anything about CHEMICAL EXCHANGE, what is it?

Chemical exchange is buyer & seller exchange platform for chemical and solvent we provide expert advice that helps Chemical Exchange user to take better decisions, which help them to grow their revenue and profits.

How should I register on the website?

Please follow the guideline below to create Chemical Exchange account

Please click on register button

I forgot my login credential, can you assist?

Please follow the guideline below to reset Chemical Exchange account credential.

Is it valueble to use and subscribe to Chemical Exchange and data is it safe?

Chemical Exchange is offer the best deal from market. Chemical Exchange is most secure, and we offer the best available safety for your personal information when you subscribe to our website.

Can I Unsubscribe from emails?

Yes, if you do not wish to receive emails from Chemical Exchange, you can click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the email OR send an email to help@chemicalexchange.com, stating that you do not wish to receive further emails from Chemical Exchange.

Can I cancel my purchase and get a refund?

Purchases made on Chemical Exchange cannot be cancelled. However, for special cases, you can email us at: help@chemicalexchange.com and our team will decide, depending on the criticality of the request.

Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

Subscription made on Chemical Exchange cannot be cancelled.

Who are we and what is this platform used for?

We are Chemical Broker and this platform is used for buying and selling of chemical & solvents.

What are the product that are sold on regular basis?

All chemical solvents as per consumer requirements. For reference you can refer our product list.

What is the dealing procedure?

i) Buyer must send formal Purchase Order on their letter head duly singed by authorized person with rubber stamp as per terms of Payment decided at the time of commitment of deal.

ii) After receipt of PO & PDC, payment (if committed in advance) seller will issue Delivery Order in name of Transporter authorized by buyer & must lift the material within the stipulated time period.

If buyer failed to lift the material within given time period, then additional storage charges will be 15 days (Beyond 15 days @0.50 + GST for additional 15 days&subsequently @0.75 +GST for additional 15 days) for all ports&all products (exceptmethanol) for all sales in "+GST" 5) Storage will be 30 days (Beyond 30 days @ 1.00 + GST for additional 30 days) for all ports&all products for all sales in "Bond Transfer"For some reasons, if physical delivery is not possible by Seller and replacement also not available in open market, then Buyer –Seller should mutually agree through Broker for monetary settlement as per price difference prevalent in the market.

Do you provide any transportation facilities?

Yes we will provide the reputed transporter contact details for freight you will have finalize with them.

Payment mode?

Advance payment

What is the brokerage rate?

0.5% on basic price and provided by seller after completing deal.

Are orders places offline or online? and How?

For order confirmation you have call on to concern person mobile/tel no to confirm the deal and procedure as above.

From where is my product been delivered?

Directly from the port/plant as per your requirement.

Is there any refund policy?


In how many days may i get my product delivered?

As your payment is done and you received delivery order after that you have to lift the material within given time period.

What if the product i receive is impure?

  1. Enquire transporter about the last loaded material in the loading vehicle/tanker.
  2. Ask the transporter the vehicle is washed clean (water/steam washed) and dried after the previous delivery. If possible ask for its receipt for your confirmation.
  3. The material will be provided from Ex- Port which is under control of the Government of India.
  4. After loading the material please update transporter to collect the sample bottle and GCI Report from the Surveyor for which you have to pay extra charges. (So please confirm with the Transporter for that)
  5. Check the tanker weight so that the lifted quantity match with the quantity written in the invoice. If the quantity is less than 0.50% don't unload
  6. Take the sample of Tanker & Test it before unloading, if you find any problem with the Test report.
  7. Then test whether the sample bottle of the material matches with the material available in tanker which is to be unloaded, If Material is the same as the Sample given by Terminal then you can Unload it.
  8. The Transporter’s Name will be provided to you for the finalization which means we are not responsible for any transportation issues i.e. Shortage, quality issues, etc.
  9. Any complaints must be updated within 7 to 8 working days.

Note: Always collect Surveyors Test Report (COA/Specification) and Sample Bottle of loaded material before leaving from the Terminal.

How many percent is the GST?


Can we buy it on Credit?

Its all depend on seller choice on the time of deal.

Do I get a concession/discount on products if I'm an regular customer?

Its depends on the market scenario and qty demanded.



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